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What is QiGong?
Qigong comes from two Chinese words: Qi (chi) means energy and gong (kung) means work or "practice". Qigong, therefore, means the work or practice of cultivating our life force/energy/vitality. Practitioners develop the ability to gather and store up energy, and to distribute and balance it.

How can Qigong help you?
Qigong is a potent tool for improving health by enhancing your mind/body connection. This connection has formed the basis of healing practices for eons, and is being scientifically validated today.

The gentle aerobic exercise, acupressure self-massage and flowing movements of Qigong can improve both physical and mental health. The physical movements develop strength, flexibility and balance while providing the benefits of meditation (lower blood pressure, calm attitude etc.)

Practiced regularly, the experience becomes: "Meditation in Motion."

The enhancement of the mind/body connection increases your awareness of where you may need to make lifestyle changes related to diet, exercise or sleep. In class, teachers and fellow students create an environment of inspiration, motivation and support.

Since 1982, more than 2000 articles have been published in mainstream medical journals establishing the importance of the mind-body connection to wellness, illness and recovery. This mind/body connection can influence the course of chronic diseases.

The many benefits of Qigong are not to be believed because of statements or studies; they need to be personally experienced.

Adaptive QiGong

Pictured: Dr. Laura Rifkin (in red), long-time student.

What is "Adaptive Qigong"?

In Adaptive Qigong we tailor time-honored exercises to each person's situation. In this process we draw from various therapeutic movement modalities including Yoga, Feldenkrais, and the Alexander Technique.

We partner with you to encourage your discovery of what you can do. In this way, together we engender an empowering atmosphere in which you can gently and enjoyably maintain or regain function.

As in physical and occupational therapy, we put the emphasis on your learning how to move in ways that increase your tone and range of motion.

Individualized Adaptive Qigong movements and self-massages are carefully constructed to aid you in creating and sustaining your own balance

Dayan Qigong

What is Dayan Qigong?

Dayan Qigong is a series of forms modeled on the movements and morality of the Wild Goose, recorded by a monk named Dao An in a monastery in the Kunlun Mountains of Western China, 1700 years ago. Our teacher Master Hui Liu, studied for two decades with Grandmaster Yang Meijun, of Beijing, 28th generation lineage holder and a Chinese national treasure.

Yang Meijun transitioned on the Teachers' Full Moon July 23, 2002, a few days before her 108th birthday - August 9th. We are so grateful for her generosity in sharing this practice with many students worldwide!

Pictured: Grandmaster Yang Meijun

Spirit-Walking: Aqua Ch'i™

Ancient Chinese Qigong exercises use specific moving meditation techniques and mind exercises for increasing energy or Qi and blood circulation, reducing stress, calming the nervous system, and strengthening joints. Techniques include: meditation, gentle movement, self massage, acupressure point stimulation, and energy healing exercises for the internal organs to improve general metabolism and the immune system.

A gentle series of Shaolin and tai chi inspired warm-ups include muscle- and tendon-strengthening movements to increase mobility, flexibility, balance, coordination, and bone density without causing fatigue. Students improve posture and balance body and mind. The student learns self-care modalities such as acupressure self massage that can reduce pain and promote vitality.

Remarkable results can be obtained within a short period of time, as the student begins to access self-healing capacities inherent in the ancient practice. "You yourself will set flame to the kindling you have brought."

"I am also delighted to know that your water Qigong is continuing and unfolding. It is SO wonderful! I have continued to do the Wild Goose warm up outdoors almost daily, and it has been a precious and appreciated gift in my life! I thank you so much for that."

- Laurie Bates

"Lovely class-and I have not been a water person for years! I couldn't believe how light my body felt after the class. And how peaceful I felt, also. You've put a wonderful program together."

- Susan

"I loved the way we walked the symbolic path of life in moving meditation. The combination of sounds and movement was physically and spiritually uplifting."

- Dr. Diane Johnson

"Every time I think I'm bored with my life, I remember I'm not now, because of you."

- Dr. Jane H.

"You're very down-to-earth and when you speak there's something very reassuring in your voice and in the things you say."

- David I., Professor of Dance, Bahia, Brazil

Therma Ch'i: As Old as Tomorrow

Therma Ch’i™ combines the benefits of immersion in warm water with the time honored practice of acupressure self massage.

Dr. Bruce Becker, MD, MS, of the University of Washington has done important research with respect to the psycho-physiological benefits of immersion in warm water. According to his paper, “Physiological change associated with aquatic activity has been found to profoundly affect human function and health-related biologic alterations. Immersion produces a dramatic shift of blood from the extremities to the chest, with approximately 2/3 of this volume in lung circulation and 1/3 within the heart.” The resulting effect of immersion is that the heart pumps effectively the same amount of blood per minute at rest as it does during the initiation of aerobic exercise.” So immersing in warm water may be utilized in rehabilitation from cardiac, autoimmune or other debilitating diseases, including diabetes, the study points out.

The acupressure self massage practices utilized in Therma Ch’i™ have been adapted from Jin Shin Therapies: Jin Shin Therapies, ancient oriental healing arts, use touch on specific points on the body to release blockages of energy, thereby harmonizing and revitalizing the body on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Does this sound like something you would like to experience in your healing practice?