The Possible Society of California 501(c)3

Education for Peace and Well-being

Our Origins

"The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channeled toward some great good."
- Brian Tracy, consultant

Jean Houston, Ph.D. has authored many widely read books since the 1970’s encouraging the expansion of human potential. Dr. Houston’s work has been the core of teaching-learning communities throughout the world. In 1984, a national not-for-profit organization, The Possible Society was formed to encourage the creation of new ways for people to work together, helping to solve societal problems.

In 1987, Bett Lujan Martinez, M.Ed. educator and grant writer, was invited to become a Board Member. After years of co-producing trainings and workshops, in 1992, Bett was named Executive Director. Since then, the organization has focused on Education for Peace and Well-being, particularly through the art of Qigong, a time-honored practice for healing self and others.

Bett studied under Master Hui Liu, herself a student of Yang Meijun* who was the 27th generation inheritor of the Kunlun Dayan Qigong skill. In 1994, was asked to begin teaching, by Master Liu, with a focus on elders. In 1999, Bett was awarded a grant by Jerry Brown, then Oakland’s mayor, to create a video of accommodative practices developed at Easter Seals, for people with mobility impairments, including MS and Parkinson’s disease. Later she was asked to create a video for Alameda County’s elder’s program, of Seated and Standing practice, including a form she learned from another Master, Prof. Chen of Nanjing, titled Terra Ch’i.

For 10 years, Bett trained physical and occupational therapists, a community psychologist, a movement and massage therapist, as well as an acupuncturist and a professor of sociology. Their primary work has been the presentation of classes, seminars and workshops throughout the US at conferences including American Society on Aging, National Conference on Aging, International Conference on Active Aging, AARP, as well as several years at the World Qigong Conference and the International Conference on Shamanism and Alternative Modes of Healing.

In 2003, Bett was awarded a grant by the Breast Cancer Research Council to develop Spiritwalking || Aqua Ch’i™, which began at the Berkeley YMCA and soon spread to Oakland, Palo Alto, Los Gatos, LA; also the Berkeley Warm Pool, and Abilities United in Palo Alto. Aqua Ch’i was presented on The Hallmark Channel. Presentations, retreats and seminars were held in many locations, and at numerous conferences, including Portugal in 2010. Bett has trained and certified 25 teachers who expanded Aqua Ch’i internationally. Some teachers were themselves cancer survivors, although the practice has expanded beyond serving only persons with cancer to include anyone who can benefit.

Specially composed music by Singapore composer Tay Chee Wei was adapted for the practice.

A floating Yin Yang labyrinth was added, so participants could "walk a wellness pathway".

In 2007, at a retreat in Calistoga, Bett began to incorporate the flows of acupressure and Jin Shin self massage while immersed in healing mineral springs water as people reported many health benefits and experienced a sense of self efficacy, self-healing.

In 2010, the benefits of movement in warm water, accompanied by Native American music was introduced to a group of veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, some even from Vietnam, who were suffering greatly from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Bett had worked with Vietnam Vets while getting her Masters in Counseling, she teamed up with Israeli hydrotherapist Alon Altman, who himself had been a victim of PTSD. They told the group they hoped by the end of 8 weeks, their lives would be better. Walking through 7 “Movements of Forgiveness”, each participant reported pronounced improvements.
(Welcome, Warrior! Aqua Chi™)

Our Instructors

Bett Lujan Martinez, M.Ed. is an educator, consultant and medical researcher who teaches Qigong and wellness practices for community organizations in the SF Bay Area. She is the founder of Women Pause and WELL-BEING and Executive Director of The Possible Society of California. She provides health promotion seminars, corporate training and professional development workshops and classes in a range of environments, including Easter Seals, American Association on Aging, Chevron, San Francisco General Hospital and Contra Costa College.

Barbara Hauser has been in the field of physical therapy for nearly twenty years. She is a classical violinist, massage therapist and a fitness trainer. As a physical therapist assistant, she has worked with sports injuries (with the Warriors team in Oakland), pain management, work conditioning, aquatic classes, hospital and nursing home work, and hand therapy. She has a consulting business in prevention for ages 60 and up through LIFE Eldercare in in Fremont. She has been teaching Aqua Chi at the Berkeley High warm pool for several years. Her mottos are: “The World is a Gym” and "Fitness Has No Age Limit"!

Ilana Trumbull is a licensed acupuncturist with a special interest in promoting community based self-care and patient empowerment. She assists Bett in teaching Qigong with emphasis in adapting the practice to benefit those with major "health projects", including the many challenges that can be part of the aging process. She sees patients at the Community Wellness Center in Fairfax, California.

Rachel Johnson is a practitoner and teacher of Shiatsu & Thai massage in San Francisco. She is also trained in Watsu - aquatic shiatsu. Her interests in movement and tai chi led her to Aqua Chi class, and opened a new dimension of healing therapy. She currently teaches Aqua Chi for the Brainstorms group - adults with acquired brain injuries.

Judith Nychay has been an Occupational Therapist for 21 years, specializing in conditions of chronic pain and disability. Her expertise is modifying the movements specifically for persons with varying levels of abilities.

Peggy Dey, CMT is a Qigong Instructor with 30+ years' experience in a multitude of bodywork therapies. She has studied wherever her desire to know more of the "wisdom of the body" takes her, including India and Thailand.