What is Qigong

Also spelled "chi kung" and "chi gung"

What is Qigong?
Qigong comes from two Chinese words: Qi (chi) means energy and gong (kung) means work or "practice". Qigong, therefore, means the work or practice of cultivating our life force/energy/vitality. Practitioners develop the ability to gather and store up energy, and to distribute and balance it.

How can Qigong help me?
Qigong is a potent tool for improving health by enhancing your mind/body connection. This connection has formed the basis of healing practices for eons, and is being scientifically validated today.

The gentle aerobic exercise, acupressure self-massage and flowing movements of Qigong can improve both physical and mental health. The physical movements develop strength, flexibility and balance while providing the benefits of meditation (lower blood pressure, calm attitude etc.)

Practiced regularly, the experience becomes: "Meditation in Motion"

The enhancement of the mind/body connection increases your awareness of where you may need to make lifestyle changes related to diet, exercise or sleep. In class, teachers and fellow students create an environment of inspiration, motivation and support.

Since 1982, more than 2000 articles have been published in mainstream medical journals establishing the importance of the mind-body connection to wellness, illness and recovery. This mind/body connection can influence the course of chronic diseases.

The many benefits of Qigong are not to be believed because of statements or studies; they need to be personally experienced.

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