Measure Your Qi

The Possible Society of California and the Institute for Frontier Sciences
presented at the Fifth World Congress On Qigong

November 1-4, 2002

where we asked the question:
How Does Qigong Practice Enhance Your Bioenergy?
Scientific Biofield (Aura) Assessment before and after Dayan Qigong Practice.
In a workshop concentrating in Adaptive Qigong for All Ages and Health Conditions

History: At the 4th World Qigong Congress in 2001, 8 participants attending a workshop on Dayan (Wild Goose) Qigong were measured by Dr. Beverly Rubik, biophysicist, utilizing the GDV, a new form of electro photography developed by Dr. K. Korotkov in Russia. The results showed strong changes in the human energy field, especially in beginners.
On November 4, 2002, 1-5pm, we convened another workshop to provide an opportunity for participants to experience the practice of Dayan Qigong and have their energy fields assessed (some for the second time) by this new scientific method.

Workshop conveners:

Dr. Beverly Rubik, biophysicist, Institute for Frontier Sciences in Oakland, CA, was awarded a grant recently from the US National Institutes for Health for a research project to explore the human biofield.

Bett Lujan Martinez, Peggy Dey and Ilana Trumbull have collectively 12 years of experience in working with elders, persons with mobility impairments and other "health projects". We prefer the term "health projects" to health problems, since a "project" implies something that can be worked on in a positive way by the person who takes it on.

Bett and Ilana have worked at Easter Seals Outpatient Rehab Center; students participate who have Parkinsons, MS, hip and knee replacements, strokes, and combinations thereof. Peggy teaches at Kaiser Hospital, and with Bett at Richmond Senior Center.

In 1999, Bett was awarded a grant* to make an instructional home practice video, "Healing from the Inside Out", which includes a 12 minute daily Qi Workout, as well as accommodations for those in wheelchairs, using walkers or gait belts.

More information about measuring bioenergy: Institute for Frontier Sciences
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